Introduction of Computer


Computer is an integral part of everyday life. We use the Personal Computer (PC) to perform various tasks. Data storage and processing are the important tasks performed by the PC. It can store, process, and print documents. The use of the PC makes mathematical calculations easier. Scientists use the PC for scientific applications, such as weather forecasts, research, and chemical analysis. PC provides the speediest means of communication through the Internet by sending and receiving e-mails. We can use the Internet to gain information on any topic. We can use the PC for entertainment, such as for watching movies using DVDs, listening to music using CDs and MP3s. We can also download software, graphics, music, and movies from the Internet using the PC. It would be hard to imagine today’s world without the PC. A machine that performs such a varied range of functions is hard to define in a few words. Computer is an electronic device that accepts, stores, and processes the data and returns the result or output.

Introduction of Computer


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