Laptop Input and Output Devices

The different input and output devices of the laptop enable users to store data in the laptop and also to access and retrieve information. The keyboard, display, and pointer devices are the main input and output means of a laptop.


The keyboard of laptops are generally small in size and mostly have additional features that enhance user comfort. Laptops generally do not use ergonomic keyboards. The locations of the keys will also be different as compared to a desktop keyboard. All laptop keyboards will not have the numeric keypad.

Touch Pad

Touch pad are very common input devices for laptops. These devices are a little larger than credit cards. A touch pad responds to movements of the hand on its surface. You can drag your fingers and tap them on the touch pad to move the cursor on the screen. Touch pads are very easy to use and are highly accurate.

Track point

The track point is a small button located between the keys on the laptop keyboard. You can move the cursor on the screen by pushing the point around with your fingers.

Display Screen

The display screens on all laptops use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology. Laptop displays are generally between 12 to 17 inches in dimension. The display can be gray scale or color. Laptop displays generally have resolutions of 640 x 480 pixels and higher.


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