Windows 10 Firewall Settings

When you search in the Start Menu or Cortana for firewall, two different options will appear Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, and Windows Firewall. The former allows you to create and modify existing and custom firewall rules. However, the basic firewall in Windows-10 is pretty good and a match for anything commercially available.

Like all the other security features in Windows 10, the firewall is color-coded. If the firewall has been disabled or a third-party firewall is being used instead, the panel’s sections will be highlighted in red.

The different network types you can connect to will be listed with the currently connected network expanded to display the network name and details about the firewall settings.

In the left panel are various firewall controls including a link to turn the firewall on or off, useful if it’s been disabled by accident or by a user who shouldn’t have done so.

In the top left of the window is a link called Allow and app or feature through Windows Firewall. This can be used if you find that a third-party service or an installed app or game is being blocked when it shouldn’t be. A list of all the installed apps and services on your PC will be displayed.

To change the settings for a specific app or service, click the Change settings button. You will now be able to set access for both Private (home or work) and Public (coffee shop) network types. If the app you want to allow through the firewall doesn’t appear in the list, click the Allow another app button to display a dialog where you can manually navigate to the app’s location on your PC.


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